Blueprint Power

We turn buildings into power plants.


For the past 100 years, America's grid provided power and real-estate owners paid to consume it. Now, buildings can provide energy too. Blueprint Power unlocks new revenue for real-estate owners by transforming their buildings into power plants and connecting them to new energy markets and customers.

Blueprint Power’s suite of data-driven, machine-learning tools automate the management, aggregation, orchestration, and market transactions of energy assets across our clients' entire portfolios. Together, Blueprint Power and the real-estate industry will transform America's cities into new urban energy networks.


Pragmatic visionary optimizing the complexity of the world

Robyn Beavers

Fascinated by the energy of life, and the electrons on wires

Claire Woo
Head of Technology

Curious, imaginative, maker of things, dreams in code

Nicholas Squires
Head of Systems Integration

Proven Technology Executive, and lover of all things 1's and 0's

Nicholas Schmidt
VP of Engineering //
Director of Security

Problem solver and energy enthusiast, powered by data and passion to advance the grid

Savannah Goodman
Product and Markets Manager

Curious generalist trying to solve the world's problems one line of code at a time.

William Ferguson
Full-Stack Engineer

Creative technologist motivated to improve the urban environment through code and design

Evaline Bai
Full-Stack Engineer

Pragmatic, creative energy enthusiast and sustainability-driven innovator.

Jianing Fan
Energy Markets Analyst


Do you have experience in Energy and Control systems? Software & Systems engineering? Energy Markets? Energy policy? A combination of them all? We are seeking hands-on energetic people with diverse backgrounds and experience to join our lean, world-class team of engineers and entrepreneurs to help define and build the future of energy.

Open Positions:
Modeling Engineer

We are always looking to hire great people! We'd love to hear from you.
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